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Whoods offers next generation Payments & POS systems that stand-alone or integrate with your current POS

Ground-up development partnering with industry leaders Zeller, ANZ, Till, Square, Live Payments and more

Payments for any business.
POS for Hospitality & Retail.

Tools to Integrate Orders

Every business is different and their needs evolve. Our toolkit has grown through our developers working in and closely with our partner businesses. We’ve got dirt under our nails.

Enable or disable features as your business requires.

Simple Design that your Customers will Love

From our first concept, simplicity & speed have been the focus for our customer experience.

The “back of house” design echos those principles. Speed, simplicity and a depth of intuitive features so your team can focus on service.

Superfast Card Payments

Industry leading speedy transactions

Seamless Integration

Integrate POS & Payments to remove human errors and speed up reconciliation

Simple Control

Integrate all platforms & control the flow of orders

Faster Payments

Market leading speed. EFTPOS machines that process payments quickly. Next day settlement, so you get your money quickly.

Business led POS & Ordering platform

Connecting to existing or new software is seamless

Quick to get set up

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Mobile Connectivity

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Start saving and begin learning how to maximise sales.

Integrated and stand alone solutions for your business.

Choose from a range of our tech to match the needs of your business.

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Dynamic Surcharging

Flexible surcharging so you’re in control

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