Privacy policy

Whoods online ordering app is designed for use in restaurants, kitchens, and other venues that advertise purchase of food online.

The app does not collects data pertaining to:

  1. The Whoods online ordering app is completely owned by Whoods.
  2. User contact details are required for the business to contact & communicate to the user about their order status. Contact details such as email, phone number and address (for deliveries only) are used. Once the order is complete, the app no longer needs the data.
  3. For the companion online ordering web app, if a user confirms that they would like to be added to a ‘Promotions’ subscription list, then their details are added to the app’s subscription list. Future contact is done via email campaigns only.
  4. No information is kept about your device eg. device model, operating version, IP address etc.
  5. Anonymous usage statistics (how often the app is used, popularity of particular features/items) are used for calculating daily/weekly/monthly sales, and popular items. This data is anonymised.
  6. You data is not shared or sold to any other Third Parties. Your data belongs to you and it is you who should be in control of it.
  7. Users of the online ordering app have the right to request further clarification, should they want it.
  8. Any updates of the Privacy Policy are posted here. Users will be notified by email, should they be subscribed to any promotional lists.
  9. This Privacy Policy is effective as of 19 March 2020.


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